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Leaving the Guild

Wraith341, Mar 29, 12 8:57 PM.
Hello all,
        This will most likely be my last post on here. It has been discussed amongst many of our players and we all seem to have the same mindset. We feel that we wish to have a different kind of guild so that we may enjoy the game more, so thus, many of us will be leaving the guild and starting another one. We feel that this guild cannot recover to the point that we wish it to. Without going into all the details I would at least like to tell you guys the main reasons.

        The first reason is that this guild has grown too large. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I will not be able to run a guild so large by myself. (I will discuss this in a bit) The second reason is the fact that many people have gotten....spoiled...I guess I could say. Many people who are of lesser skill who would normally not be allowed into more of the elitist-guilds have always had a spot in Tempo of Infinity, this however was not the problem. We worked up and have cleared Nightmare modes and thus we are one of the furthest guilds on the server when it comes to progression...however this was not enough for a lot of people. These people have taken the guild for granted, and through their 'spoiled-ness' have continually annoyed and demanded from our officers more and more to the point where our officers were no longer enjoying the game since they had to spend all their gaming time dealing with these issues. So thus, a lot of our officers have stepped down and have pretty much left me to run the guild by myself which I cannot do.

        I would just like to say, I deeply appreciate the people who were very grateful for their spot in the guild. It was great fun while it lasted and I hope to see you all around. Best of luck where your journeys take you!

Orridion (Tyler)


Wraith341, Mar 24, 12 1:11 AM.


Wraith341, Mar 22, 12 7:32 PM.
Hey guys,

        Without getting into details, I just wanted to let you all know that due to some health issues and other real life things such as my schooling and new job, that I will not be around as much. I should still be hopping on occassionally to lead some raids and maybe to do some Warzones and whatnot, but in general you will probably be seeing a lot less of me until I get things figured and straightened out. I do not know how long this will last, but I will do my best to get things sorted out in a timely manner so that I may return to you guys at 100%. I will still remain in contact with our officers and they will be keeping me up-to-date on how things in the guild are and what's going on in general. In the mean time, Balbanes will pretty much be holding on to and leading the guild to the best of his ability in the manner that I would run things. So hopefully things will remain pretty much the same. I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully I will see you all soon. :)

Orridion (Tyler)

Nightmare Mode Ops and PvP Teams

Wraith341, Mar 18, 12 9:32 PM.
We are now doing PvP Teams and Nightmare Mode Ops. Before asking to participate in either PLEASE READ the new rules for Nightmare Mode Ops found at the bottom of the Operations Rules tab, and read it carefully and read everything found under the PvP Teams tab as well.

Karagga The Hutt Hard Mode Downed!

Wraith341, Mar 5, 12 1:38 AM.
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